It was a miracle he survived a serious car accident near the royal family's Sandringham estate but now royal followers are trying to cash in on Prince Philip's crash via eBay.

Fragments of the Land Rover the Queen's husband was driving are being sold on the auction site, with the seller claiming they are legitimate and "clearly visible in many of the online videos of the event".

The poor-taste listing - titled Prince Philip Car Crash Parts - suggests that the metal fragments "may even have Phil's DNA listing on it".

"Condition is Used. Parts are probably not reusable. parts are clearly visible in many of the online videos of the event," the listing claims, adding that proceeds would be "going to cancer research".

The parts are currently listed on Ebay for sale. Photo / Ebay
The parts are currently listed on Ebay for sale. Photo / Ebay

As of early today, there were 11 bidders hoping to win the items in the bizarre auction - due to end on January 26.

Philip uninjured but not well enough for church

Wrapped in a long wool coat, and looking cheerful, the Queen smiled while attending a chilly church service in the UK on Sunday.

But there was no sign of Prince Philip at St Peter's church in Wolferton, three days after the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in the accident, reports The Sun.

British police have also spoken to Prince Philip after he was photographed allegedly driving without a seatbelt just two days after his accident.

Norfolk Police said late yesterday that "suitable words of advice have been given to the driver".

Police spoke to Philip after a photograph was published showing the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, driving a new Land Rover near the royal residence at Sandringham.

They said advice was given to him "in line with our standard response when being made aware of such images showing this type of offence."

It comes as one of the women involved in the accident said she had not heard from the royal family and had received no apology.