Hawke's Bay superstock driver Zach Glenny admits luck hasn't been on his side during his first two seasons on the speedway scene.

"I've had heaps of top three finishes but I still haven't had a win. Hopefully that will change tomorrow night," Glenny said referring to the Quin Buildings Direct Grand Opening Night at Meeanee which has been promoted as the Superstock and Super Saloon Labour Weekend Showdown.

"People are telling me with several of our top drivers away on holiday I've got a good chance of a win. But I hear some of the big names from Palmy will be here so I will be happy with a top three finish. Practice went well on Wednesday night and I've made some small adjustments," Glenny explained.

One of 20 starters in his class, Glenny, 32, is about to start his third season after leaving rallying.


"I remember standing in the crowd out there at Meeanee one night and deciding I should give the sport a crack before I get too old," Glenny recalled.

A great nephew of former Hawke's Bay speedway kingpin Ian Glenny, Unison linesman Glenny races the car which used to be raced by experienced Hawkeye Quinn Ryan. It is powered by a 248 Toyota which has been prepared by Graham Morrison at Mid West Motors in Blenheim.

"Graham has a good reputation and we've spent a little bit which you have to do if you want to get your car on the podium. We've done a bit on the shocks so we can get better drive out of the lime and clay," Glenny explained.

Last summer Glenny competed at the World 240s in Rotorua for the first time. He finished seventh in the second tier which placed him among the top 35 in the 85-strong field.

"I almost qualified for the top tier on the first night. In the first race I started 25th on the grid and finished ninth. In the third race I was running fifth when I was taken out. It was a good experience," he recalled.

Glenny recorded second and third placings at a Wellington meeting. During a Whanganui meeting he led a race for 10 of the 12 laps before he was spun out by a host track car. Next month he will tackle the North Island champs in Wellington and he will have another crack at the World 240s in January.

"I'm not going to the nationals in Christchurch. My partner Monica and I have a six-month-old son [Mason] so I have to be careful with how I juggle my time. You have a bad weekend of racing and you can spend five nights a week working in the garage on your car. You have a good weekend and you can still spend two nights in the garage."

He is grateful for the work his father and former rallying partner Phill and uncle Andrew Glenny put into the car as well as the financial support he receives from his dad and mother Terese. Glenny did rallying for five years with his father and in 2013 they finished second overall in the Central Region series.

"Rallying is something I can always go back to when I'm older. You can be a bit older and still be competitive in rallying and it doesn't take up the same time. I did a rally a while ago and I found my focus was better after doing speedway and the discipline in rallying helps me with my speedway," Glenny said.

The veteran of more than 150 games and former captain of the Havelock North premier football team is keen to race for the Hawke's Bay Hawkeyes in the future.

"Mike McLachlan [Hawkeyes manager] put out a couple of SOS calls to me last season. But I need to learn to crawl before I walk and ply my trade first. Sometime during the next couple of seasons will be great," Glenny added.

More than 15 super saloons are expected tomorrow night along with 16 TQs. Stockcars and saloons will also be on the programme.