It's the sort of thing you hear after social grade competition, surely not in the region's premier soccer grade.

That is, a team walloping another 23-1 as the shockwaves hit other premiership sides via texts, prompting them to seek confirmation from HB Today.

That dreaded flogging disease crept into ComputerCare Pacific Premiership soccer competition on Saturday when Promotem Napier City Rovers thumped Cru Bar Maycenvale United 23-1 at Park Island, Napier.

The visitors had nine players when the game kicked off but managed 11, without substitutes, about 10 minutes later after trailing 10-1 at halftime.


Ten Rovers players got on the referee's card, who surely must have felt like he was sitting a whistleblowers' exam.

"We learned to score. We have been struggling with composure in front of the goal for the past few games," Rovers coach Matt Hastings said, considering it adequate preparation for this Saturday's match against Best Travel Havelock North Wanderers.

"The score says it all so there's not really much else you can say," he said, emphasising he didn't intend it to be disrespectful to Vale.

Napier City Rovers 23 (Stu Wilson 5, Sam Lawson 4, Rudi Bauerfeind 4, Mickey Nixon 3, Ollie Chapman 2, Harry Fautley, Corey Jensen, Josh Anstis, Nick Matheson, Scott Henderson) Maycenvale 1 (Jacob Rosandich). HT: 10-1.

Port Hill 1 Marist 2

The best way - no, the only way - of coming back from a 5-0 drubbing on your home turf in the first round is to hit back with a win.

Hot Shot Napier Marist did that at Marewa Park, Napier, when they pipped Ericksen Honda Port Hill United 2-1.

"We were definitely up for it. It was a very even game but we wanted it more than them," Alan Dick said on behalf of absent Marist coach Dave Carswell, after sides were 1-1 at halftime.


Port Hill coach Tim Claudatos rued his players' inability to create scoring chances but lauded Marist for their quick counterattacks.

"We had three class players missing today, too," Claudatos said.

Port Hill 1 (Jamie Provines) Marist 2 (Jason De Clifford, Don Butler). HT: 1-1.

Rangers 1 Havelock 2

They had the support of the balcony of fans but Western Rangers couldn't pull off a win at St Leonard's Park, Hastings.

Havelock North Wanderers pipped the hosts 2-1 with coach Bruce Barclay naming Che Jesson-Bentley, who crossed the floor to the villagers' camp three weeks into the season from Rangers, his player of the day for his winning header.

"It was a good day with a vociferous crowd here backing them and all that banter comes out of it so I enjoy coming here," Barclay said.

Rangers coach Ritchie Howard said the game could have gone either way.

"We could have and should have won. We put pressure on them but we couldn't get a goal," Howard said, adding no one liked losing but after coming off a convincing first-round loss it made Saturday's defeat easier to come to terms with.

Rangers 1 (Luke Donovan 27th) Havelock 2 (BJ Christensen 18th, Che Jesson-Bentley 79th). HT: 1-1.

Gisborne 1 Taradale 4

Premiership leaders Cape Physio Taradale last night returned home with three valuable points to show they are the team to beat this season.

The Robbie Parker-coached side thumped hosts Jennian Homes Team Gisborne 4-1 at Childers Park Reserve after going up in just five minutes.

Gisborne equalised but in the second spell Taradale put away three more goals.

"The second goal was a contentious soft free-kick ... ," said Gissy assistant coach Mark Baple but felt his team got sucked into playing to Dale's strength of a passing game.

Gisborne 1 (Corey Adams) Taradale 4 (unavailable). HT: 1-1

Federation League
Feilding 1 Taradale 2

Coming off a five-game losing streak with a victory is great but how do you keep that fire burning in the belly of the lads?

Your Solutions Taradale player/coach Chris McIvor is probably still wondering how but, needless to say, he's chuffed they beat Feilding United 2-1 at Timona Park.

"It was a tough away game but we got three points and got out of there," a relieved McIvor said after the hosts led 1-0 at halftime.

Feilding coach Jeff Gleave vented his spleen on the officials, disputing the goals.

"The first goal was a hand ball [from the scorer] and the second one was scored with a push in the back of our defender with five minutes to go," Gleave lamented, adding it was difficult to buy a point when a side are languishing at the bottom of the table like Feilding.

"It's frustrating. They [Dale] definitely got a fright because they thought they would just roll up here and walk away with three points."

Feilding 1 (Tom Bliss-Bennett) Taradale 2 (Hamish Sim, Jack Needes). HT: 1-0 Feilding.