That's the Murray Long/Peter Rees combo which will be one of 16 teams in tonight' />

Some might label it a jack-up but it's definitely a dream combination.
That's the Murray Long/Peter Rees combo which will be one of 16 teams in tonight's inaugural Ansin and Monteith Superstocks Best Pairs event at ZM Meeanee Speedway.
Hawke's Bay's 3NZ Murray Long, 49, is well known for his ability to dart away from conflict and his Nissan V8-powered car is running well. While Palmerston North's Rees is regarded as one of the best hitters in the business and his kamikaze style has been known to destroy title hopes of many of the world's top drivers.
"I'm very lucky to have Peter. He's a good mate and we all know about his ability," said Long referring to Rees' role in numerous New Zealand Superstocks Teams Champs title wins with the Palmerston North Panthers.
Being the sponsor of the meeting Long may not be targeted as much as normal. Your's truly reminded Long sponsors of stockcar and superstock events at Meeanee have been treated well in the past.
"Hopefully it stays that way," replied Long.
Slipping back into serious mode the veteran of almost 30 years of continuous racing pointed out he and Rees won't be short of quality competition. Long was quick to give the favourite's tag to the Palmerston North-contracted pair of Hawke's Bay's Shane Penn and Wayne Hemi.
Other pairs he expects to perform well are the Rotorua team of Scott Hewson and Mark Osborne and another Hawke's Bay-Palmerston North duo of Steve Jude and Dave Tarrant.
"Anyone of those pairs could win it. Regardless of who does it will be the first time for a while we've heard the sound of 32 superstocks racing together at Meeanee."
Long hopes it will become an annual event and agrees it has the potential to become a two-nighter like the World 240s in Rotorua and New Zealand Teams Champs in Palmerston North.
"Hopefully we might even be able to add an international flavour to it with some Great Britain drivers in future," said Long.
The format for the event will be three races - with standard points allocated for the first two races and double points will be allocated for the third. This will avoid any ties.
The pair which accumulates the most points will share the $3000 first prize. A fourth superstock race will be an individual All In Grand Slam with a $500 first prize up for grabs.
"I'm picking the first two races will be drag races but with double points up for grabs in the third there will be heaps of hitting right through the field," said Long.
He has heard talk suggesting it won't be long before he has to hand his 18-year-old son Jason the most drives in the car they share - such is the form Jason is displaying and this is an extra incentive for Long to produce the goods tonight.
"Jason will get most of the Hawke's Bay meetings. He deserves it after a good year at school and with his rugby and he will only benefit from more time in the seat.
"I'll do the big meetings out of town," said Long who is eager to improve on his 3NZ ranking at next month's national championships in Rotorua.
He rates last summer's third placing at the Kihi Kihi-hosted nationals as the highlight of his own racing career and the 1991 winning of the Auckland teams title with a North Island composite team as the highlight of his teams racing career.
Long has always planned to retire once the Hawkeyes win the Palmy teams champs or when he turns 50 which is in February. It is more likely to be the former.
"If we don't win the teams I'll probably be back for another season. Hopefully we get a teams race in before Palmy because we always seem to be a bit green when we get there," said Long.
Although he is part of one of the fancied teams for tonight he had no intention of changing his buildup and intended to work a full week "to take the mind off the occasion."
"If I wind myself up too much I make too many mistakes."
With Rees for a teammate and his son eager to correct him on any wrong decisions Long will definitely want to keep his error rate down.
Tonight's other feature attraction will be the Hawke's Bay Super Saloon champs with many of the country's best among the 16 starters. Several of them including 1NZ Brent Emerson of Mount Maunganui and 2NZ Shane McIntyre of Huntly were in the Kiwi team which won the recent Trans Tasman Challenge in Australia.
Hawke's Bay's hopes will be former 3NZ Grahame Strong and Johnny Browne.
Support classes will be TQs, kiwilites, streetstocks, sidecars and ministocks.