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The Christchurch earthquake appeal should be $40,000 better off this week thanks to Hawke's Bay farmers, transport firms and stock agents.
Bidding was strong for donated ewes, rams and lambs at yesterday's Stortford Lodge prime sale, leaving organiser Ken Simpson a happy man with more to come tomorrow.
Farmers from all over Hawke's Bay gave 372 sheep yesterday, made up of 210 ewes, 110 lambs, 48 rams and four hoggets and bidding was strong for every pen. Top price in the ewes was $136 for 50 heavy shorn ewes. Other ewes made from $116 to $80 a head. In the lambs it was $120 for two woolly wethers, closely followed by $119.50 for 30 good woolly lambs. Other lambs ranged from $117 to $80. A pen of two-tooth suffolk breeding rams made $250 and $205, nine two-tooth poll dorset rams made $136, while 21 more poll dorsets made $112. Earlier in the sale a jersey cow made $443 for the appeal.
Everyone gave time and effort to make the sale a success. The animals were transported free to the sale by trucking companies, Farmers Transport, Central Hawke's Bay Transport, Bushetts, and Stephenson's Transport, the selling agents gave up their commission and there were no yard fees for buyers to pay.
Mr Simpson, an agent for L I Redshaw, said he was "extremely pleased" at the response from farmers. "I was hoping for 200 head and we have almost doubled that. I'm impressed at the quality of stock too." He said more donated stock would be offered in tomorrow's store sale, bringing the appeal total to $40,000.