When the hammer came down at a Property Brokers auction last week, there was more than just a good sale to celebrate.

A two-bedroom Havelock North unit became the thousandth property sold by team Jason Whitaker and David Scapens, who have been working together since May 2008.

With a following waiting for them to reach the 1000 mark, there had been a bit more pressure going into yesterday's auction, Mr Whitaker said.

"So to sell under the hammer today's just fantastic, it's a great achievement for our vendor and all our past buyers."


Both were pleased with the $331,000 sale price of the Havelock North flat, which rose from the starting bid of $260,000 after a bidding war between two clients.

Property Brokers' regional director for Hawke's Bay and Jason's brother, auctioneer Paul Whitaker, said the pair had worked hard over the past nine-and-a-half years.

Reaching yesterday's milestone was also due to their partnership, and the "couple of thousand" past vendors, and purchasers they had worked with.

"It's quite humbling," Jason Whitaker said. "When I first came to New Zealand 13 years ago . . . if I said I'd be selling 1000 houses, or even selling houses, they'd have said I was crazy.

"I don't think people realise the hours you put in behind the scenes, all the late nights, all the deals, all the to-ing and fro-ing, but it's the best job in the world and we're in the best place in New Zealand."

Moving into real estate had been a "complete career turnaround" for Mr Scapens - a former fitter-welder-engineer - who said he could not have reached yesterday's achievement without the support of his wife and two children.

When asked the secret to their success, both men credited their partnership.

"You've both got to complement each other for it to work, and as a team for nine-and-a-half years obviously you've got to be on the same page, you've got to have the same work ethic," Mr Whitaker said.

"And we don't let each other down," Mr Scapens said. "If one of us is down one day the other one picks him up. We look after each other and support each other's families."

Their next goal was to start on the next 1000 - but not before a well-earned holiday.