When we're young we are usually dressed by our parents in the fashion of the day. In my case I have numerous photos of my sister and I in our little matching duffel coats, skivvies and tartan kilts, obviously with nothing better to do than to wash all natural fibres all day along with cloth nappies.

Then you become a parent yourself and after dressing your children every single day of their lives, you find yourself with absolutely no wherewithal to actually dress yourself. Couple that with early morning starts and it's very easy for your own fashion sense to go out the window.

This year on a couple of occasions I've been lucky enough to hear those magical words; "we would like to dress you" when I've been working as an MC. You're like a working, walking, talking mannequin. And I must admit while it's a little stressful wearing something that costs more than your car, it's also rather fabulous.


So when Storm Napier contacted me recently to wear one of their outfits to host the Napier City Fashion Parade, I was excited but also a little nervous.

I'd never been in to Storm, as I stupidly felt like I didn't have the prestige, status, figure or in fact anything to shop at Storm. We all have shops like that don't we, shops that we are too scared to go in to. And the purpose of this column today ladies is to encourage you to shop anywhere the heck you like!

I couldn't have been more wrong about Storm. Trudy and her team were amazing. I had crashed dieted enough for the two weeks prior, intermittent fasting was more continuous fasting, and no one was more surprised than myself when I realised that actually I could fit their clothes!!

But what I loved most about the experience of getting someone else to choose an outfit, is that they choose something that you never would have.

Usually I only wear floral, stripes and anything navy. It's a throw back from growing up in small-town NZ.

So when Trudy pulled out a gorgeous dress with an almost snakeskin-like pattern, I put my raised eyebrows aside and tried it on. And I was so glad I did. It was gorgeous.

I had so many comments on it and I felt like a million bucks. So from here on in, Trudy is going to become my personal stylist, I'm hoping she's available every morning at 4.30am to tell me what to wear each day!

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