My lovely co-host Adam (who has a certain way with words) has coined a new phrase for women having a mammogram.

He's called it the ta-ta test! Now there are many words flung around for our breasts but ta-ta's not one I use regularly (he told me it was either that or "puppies" so I went for the lesser evil).

You see boobs, boosies, jugs, cans whatever you want to call them, have been on my mind a lot this month as we raise awareness for breast cancer.

There are about 50 women each week who are diagnosed with breast cancer and horrifically 600-700 women die each year from it. And for some reason, the numbers in Hawke's Bay are particularly high.


It's a disease that is taking our young mums, our sisters, our aunties, our nanas, and it's taking us. I am so sad to have to say that I have lost friends in their prime from breast cancer, friends that have left behind beautiful children and partners who are then left bereft.

With this in mind, I made an appointment with the lovely team at TRG Imaging, to put my big girl pants (and bra) on and have my very first ta-ta test.

Helen led me into the room where I turned into the caped crusader. I took my "over the shoulder boulder holder" off, put on a modesty cape then she kindly and gently squashed my boobs.

That amazing woman has handled more boobs than Hugh Hefner…she's seen them all, all shapes and sizes and because of her and her profession she's helped detect a lot of abnormalities early. I now have to wait a couple of weeks for my first set of results, but as far as the mammogram itself went…….well, plucking a stray hair out first was more painful!!

It's a little uncomfortable, but for me it didn't hurt a bit. So it's ta-ta to the ta-ta test for now, fingers crossed I won't need to be re-tested for another two years.

If you'd like to see my video (don't worry, no boobs were hurt in the making of it) then please head to The Hits Hawkes Bay on Facebook and give it a like and most importantly make sure you book yourself in for your own test.

And to those reading this in the thick of the battle, all my of love and strength to you. – Megan Banks.