Well, the official tally is in, and I'm kind of pleased in a way to say I am not The Biggest Loser in our workplace.

The prestigious title of Biggest Loser goes to non-other than Hawkes Bay Today's Mark Story. He can tell a good story, and he can drop a few kilos it seems.

I didn't even make it into the top 5 as I only lost 4 per cent of my body weight (I'm blaming the liquid diet of wine for the most part) however I am pleased to say I did get a medal and a certificate for competing. That's the kind of race I like.


On the home front, I am having major trouble with bedtimes at the moment, my 4 and 6-year-olds either don't want to go to bed, or go to bed but manage to stay awake until 9.30pm, or they turn their bedroom into a fort, or they wet the bed.

All of these things add up to a grumpy Mum who has to get up at 4.30am so all she really, really, really wants is some peace and quiet and child free time at night!

So in a spot of genius, I decided to turn my biggest loser "thanks for coming" medal, into the "staying in bed medal".

Seeing as Raef stayed in his bed for the night, he got to wear the medal for the day.
Mac, being the competitive older brother, had a complete meltdown at this claiming he didn't know what was at stake and that wasn't fair.

Okay, I said, try your hardest tonight and you'll get to wear the "staying in bed" medal tomorrow. One night in and the bribe has been as useless as a hip pocket on your underpants.

Raef stayed in bed, however, his brother was gallivanting around until 10pm! So as it turns out the only person who should've won the medal was me because at this point I had lost the plot and the will to live and I flat out refused to get out of my bed and sort it out.

Thankfully I am engaged to a night owl, who doesn't believe in sleep before midnight so he took charge.

But it's also his genes that I am blaming for having two young boys who think 9.30pm is an acceptable bedtime anyway!


- Megan Banks
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