It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day aspects of life. Especially with kids.

The washing, the homework, the feeding, the cleaning, and that's just for yourself without even bringing the rugrats into it.

So it can be nice sometimes to look back at some of the bigger achievements you've had in life and remind yourself that sometimes, there's extraordinary things that happen.

Take Tauhara School high jump 1996. I was by no means an amazing athlete; in fact, you could say for the most part I was in the lower end of the athletic scale. School reports would say "Adam shows great enthusiasm, but skills leave a little to be desired. Tries hard".


So it was with much surprise on the fateful 90s day that everything came together, and somehow, someway I found myself in the final two.

Jumping for glory in front of my peers, wondering how in the name of athletics I got there.

The time came to make the final jump of the day, and as my contestant knocked the bar down for the third and final time I readied myself. For failure. BUT again the gods of the Fosbury Flop were on my side and I flew to the win.

The time my wife showed up to our wedding. Was pretty convinced someone that amazing would be a no go on the day, but I've got the photos and ring to prove it.

The time I was allowed to play a tune on stage while the Topp Twins got changed. Sure, I was the only one there and backstage who could actually play the guitar or half sing a song, but the crowd clapped and I felt like a small scale rock star for five minutes.

And now, a brand new chance to make extraordinary memory. Through some miracle of nominations, I find myself in the top 10 media hunks in New Zealand.

Woman's Day bestowing on me the chance to go up against the likes of Sam Wallace and Jeremy Wells. I'm pretty sure my mum is voting every day.

It's a tough ask, for a lad from the regions to take it out, but campaign manager Megan (of course the other half of The Hits Hawkes Bay breakfast show) has done an outstanding job promoting, and even told me I should write this column!


So please, get in there and throw us a vote at and help make a young man's dreams come true!

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