"Gracious in defeat," "no other nation would have taken the loss so well," "Only the Kiwis would do it like this."

Just some of the words flying from the mouths of the world's media and cricketing greats on the back of that heartbreaking draw... I mean, loss to the English in the Cricket World Cup.

And yes, we are a nation of gracious losers. Like when that whole America's Cup debacle went down.

There was definitely no one at the workplace watercooler saying things like "Well those absolute muppets only won because they threw 50 more million at their stupid dinghy and we don't even care about sailing anyway. When's the next ABs match-up?"


And speaking of the ABs, we were all so very gracious at the 18-20 ABs' France loss.

No one at all had an Uncle Dan at the next family catch-up who came out and called them a pack of useless bas ... rugby players, who should learn to kick and tackle and wouldn't have been out of place at the local park on a primary school day.

We take losses very well and with a certain humility here. A different breed. A proud people.

We have DEFINITELY never seen anyone who stuck with Warriors season after season, loss after loss, took their fan jumper off in disgust, turned the TV off angrily three-quarters of the way through the game as some Australian sidesteps yet another tackle to add to the ever-expanding scoreline, and stomped off down the hall with a casual "I never liked that bloody team, hopeless. The lot of them."

Because WE New Zealand, are a nation that takes the good with the bad. The defeat is nearly as sweet as the victory.

That netball World Cup when a close range, game-winning shot slipped off the rim and allowed those DIRTY AUS... I mean proud Australian woman to take the win.

Not a lounge in New Zealand would have a bad word to say, not a grumpy day to be had. We bought flowers for our Aussie neighbours, cause we're good like that.

Probably built on the humility of our forefathers, like when the South Africans took out the Rugby World Cup in 1992 in DAMN EXTRA TIME IF YOU CAN BEL... No one's grandad stood there, stubby in hand, Stubbies on legs and yelled a single bit of profanity because here in the land of the long white cloud we take losing like true champions.


A humble nation. A proud nation, who perhaps should have humbly knocked over the WICKETS AND THROWN... I mean, congratulations England. We humbly accept our fate.

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