Fantasies. Funny things.

There's a scene in the British series of The Office, in the Training Day episode.
The character Gareth enters the room, and a workplace trainer says something like "Gareth, quick trust exercise ... ultimate fantasy?"

Gareth, having missed the context of the question because he was absent, reveals an ultimate fantasy that, well, it's not something people often talk about out loud.

Gareth's workmate Tim is asked by the trainer if he would like to contribute. Tim asks if he can hear more from Gareth.


There is one fantasy though that people openly talk about - what would you do if you won Lotto?

And it's top of mind for Hawke's Bay people at the moment because someone who bought a ticket at New Zealand's luckiest Lotto shop is $11 million richer.

Incredibly, the Lotto shop - Unichem Stortford Lodge in Hastings - has now sold $39m worth of First Division, Powerball and Strike tickets.

That's a huge amount of money to come into the region from Lady Luck.

And there's something special about the Lotto outlet's proximity to a chemist - not only are healthy elixirs and potions dished out, but financial health eminates from the premises as well.

There is night and day between Unichem Stortford Lodge and the second luckiest Lotto shop in the country ... Richmond Night N Day in Nelson which sold a mere 34 tickets worth $16.3 million.

Wednesday night's winner is encouraged to write their name on the back of the ticket and check it at any Lotto outlet.

We imagine they are also encouraged to celebrate carefully, invest wisely and take heed of advice provided by Lotto around those awkward scenarios that can arise when someone suddenly comes into a lifechanging, large amount of money.


We also sincerely hope that the $11 million has gone to a Hawke's Bay local who needs it, or at least who appreciates it and enjoys the change it is about to bring.