Heroes – they come in all different shapes and sizes and quite often they go unsung.

We've had a few people display hero antics this week that are worth talking about. First of all Harry the iphone hero came to our attention when his business Apple on Lighthouse came to 13-year-old Georgia's rescue and not only fixed her iphone 4 that had accidentally fallen into the George's Drive creek, but they also generously gave her a refurbished iphone 6!! Georgia was stoked!

The team at Marewa Pharmacy deserve a hero shout-out this week as they're putting on a gorgeous Art Deco-themed night tomorrow night to raise funds for Kerrin, a local woman and mum of four young children, who is facing the biggest battle with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

Tickets are just $10 and all proceeds go towards the cost of Kerrin's treatment to give her and her family extra time, love and memories.


To the pharmacy and everyone who has bought tickets, thank you so much!

I experienced a hero of my own in the weekend - her name is Aliesha and I'm going to call her my wedding hero.

Whilst I was officiating at a beautiful wedding in the heat on Saturday afternoon, I thought I had discreetly mopped my sweaty brow with a wad of toilet paper (the only thing available at the time). As I turned back around to face the guests and wait for the bride to arrive my lovely friend motioned to me that I had something on my face.

She thought it was a white petal. It was instead a big hunk of toilet paper that had stuck to my forehead.

I had no idea. Thank goodness she was there, otherwise I probably would never be booked as a celebrant again!

And finally with the Mariah Carey When a Hero Comes Along song playing in our heads, my co-host Adam and I donned pink Hits beach towels as capes and went on a crusade to be Hits Heatwave Heroes!

We snuck our boss's credit card, went and bought a whole heap of ice blocks and attempted to cool down Hawke's Bay.

Our best reaction was from the team at Senator Boats working in extremely hot workshop conditions building beautiful boats for lucky people to take out on to the water without a heatwave care in the world.

We almost got a hug from those guys … I'm going to try and be a hero more often!! – Megan.

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