Sometimes you do all the right things and people still aren't happy.

Sometimes, for very good reason.

Case in point - a six-minute burst of fireworks planned this weekend at 10pm from rural land owned by the popular Black Barn Vineyards.

A commercial operator is letting the fireworks off, for a client or customer holding a private celebration. If you are in a position to pay for hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of fireworks to go up in smoke, that is your prerogative.


It's not unheard of. Superyacht owners are known for the occasional burst of celebratory fireworks. The fireworks tend to plop safely into the sea though.

A groundswell of opposition to the planned fireworks argues not everyone may enjoy the celebration this weekend.

A week or so ago, the death of a horse was linked to fireworks. Te Mata Peak, near a popular paragliding launch spot, caught fire - fireworks were to blame.

And the district that the celebration is being held in has a restricted fire season in place due to the potential risk of uncontrolled fires in what is shaping up to be a hot, dry summer.

Despite this, the authorities who determine whether this sort of activity can go ahead are happy for it to proceed.

The commercial operator has all the necessary permits and permissions, so the people behind the celebration have done everything right so far. And neighbours have been notified.

But there are many still surprised shooting loud, incendiary devices into the air during a restricted fire season is okay.

Fireworks do not automatically equal fires, by the way. But it must difficult to control the variables used.


Inspecting the area from which the fireworks will be launched is one thing - where they land is another.

As the crow flies, it's roughly 6km to the sea, so a strong offshore wind might be required before they land safely.

Given the recent onshore winds, let's hope a giant sparkler doesn't plop in someone's champers.

Hopefully the fireworks will be remembered for the occasion that they are honouring, and not the blaze they started in a restricted season after the fire service gave them permission to launch.