There's a Buddhist principle that says human beings are too vastly diverse to live harmoniously without lashings upon lashings of tolerance.

Furthermore, it teaches that if anyone wrongs or angers you, thank them for the opportunity to instead return "boundless love".

I was trying furiously to apply said principle after race officials forced me to make my third detour in as many minutes driving to Ahuriri on Sunday.

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The Bay's Summer Cycling Carnival has gifted endless chances for boundless love.

Namely cordons, mandatory carry passes to prove residency and, observing as a taxpayer, an appreciable number of police vehicles working the circuit.

Cruise ship buses were also caught in the fray. All up, it seemed a disproportionate inconvenience.

Boundless love wasn't doing it for me.

But what did do it was a closer look. With kids in tow I figured it was better to get amongst it.

So we strolled to the start/finish line on Marine Parade where after just two minutes the daughters were fully engaged - while dad indulged in a wee piece of humble pie.

This was a world-class spectacle. A slick setup included a live commentary box, international dignitaries and a big screen to view the peletons fly across Napier's contours.

The proximity to speed was enthralling, the danger factor intense and the competition entirely watchable. The kids were captivated - which meant dad was happy too.

Not bad for someone who has zero interest in the idea of people hurrying on bicycles.

Kudos to the drivers of the carnival, thanks for the Zen, and apologies to the detour officials subjected to the rolling of the writer's eyes.