It's been a very interesting mayoral campaign and clear that the people of the district certainly want change.

And they want change in a positive way which is excellent, and I believe that's because they know they do deserve better.

They want change to ensure that for them, and for future generations, they have access to clean untreated water without the smell of chlorine in the morning cuppa.

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They also want to see change in the way we protect our water supplies and at the same time they want positive change in attitude to the way important industries such as horticulture and crop farmers are treated when it comes to irrigation.

In the business community there is a mood to get action on the myriad great ideas floating around about regeneration and revitalisation of the city centre. And Havelock North, Clive and Flaxmere want to make sure they are not forgotten when it comes to brightening up their CBDs.

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Change to residential growth is a worry for many and the protection of the valuable horticultural land balanced with careful growth in housing stock is a demand of many residents.

Central city dwellings to take up some of the empty buildings is welcomed by most people I have talked to. However, at the same time the residents and businesses alike want to see change from council to cut the red tape and liven up the town and revisit issues such as free parking.

All in all, there is that mood for positive change which must be encouraging for the new mayor and councillors who govern our district, as it certainly gives them a clear direction to take.

To make change happen you must get out and vote.

From today the only safe way to ensure your vote is counted, is to take it into the council offices.

Exercise your democratic right and vote.

Stuart Perry is a candidate in the Hastings District Council mayoral byelection.
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