Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust candidate profile - Barbara Arnott

I've worked with community organisations since coming to Napier in the eighties. As well as raising a family here, I've run a training business and spent 18 years with the local Council, 12 of them as mayor.

Now a member of the HBDHB I'm still involved in voluntary local community work and enjoy this hands-on contact with hard-working people.

Standing for the trust was not an easy decision for me. If I had agreed with all the trust did and does - why stand? Well, I want to make a difference.


This means putting the interests of the power consumer first. I personally believe in ongoing community ownership, the annual cash rebate and a strong and focused trust working with Unison for the best outcomes for consumers.

To do this, the consumers, you, need to be more involved in what the trust can do for you and your community. That means consultation on the funds currently not going to your rebate and more engagement on increased rebate and funds in the future.

So, I believe the trust is meant to be representing consumers, and you, the consumers, should have your say.

Energy is a developing environment and skilled governance is necessary to get the right results. I have a proven track record of governance and service to the community and a strong commitment to the people I serve. I'll make commonsense decisions in the interests of you, the consumer and work to get the best outcomes.

I am pleased the Power Consumers' Trust is attracting some attention from the people who have the biggest stake in it.

I hope this continues for the next three years as I have always believed that when people are given the right information they make the best decisions.