Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust candidate profile - Bill Reilly

Passionate about Hawke's Bay and the community in which he lives, Bill has been heavily involved with local sports as a former director of HBRU, and a local businessman for some 32 years. Committed to strong economic development in the region, his wealth of successful commercial and governance experience makes him a man of strong principles and leadership.

With the ability to see the bigger picture, Bill believes in transparency and his commitment will ensure that YOU will have the right to choose what you would like to do with your annual dividend - not be dictated to by the trust. Choose for your family, at your own discretion and at your own preference.

Choose to either keep your FULL UNCAPPED dividend, or choose to donate it to a separate community board for arts, cultural, sports or regional assets development.


The time has come for a fresh line of thinking based on the trust's name ... Hawke's Bay Power CONSUMERS' Trust. Keeping the power of decision making and the right for owner-shareholders to make decisions that impact on the local economic benefits of Hawke's Bay.

Bill will listen to you and work to get the best outcomes.

He supports public discussion on the vulnerability of the supply of reliable power to all of Hawke's Bay, all of the time. How vulnerable are we? What are the risk factors of non-supply? What contingency plans are there should a disaster happen?

His promise to you is to deliver an option that ensures our region grows and prospers for everyone living in Hawke's Bay. He will lead change and choice that will make your community better, for us all. Without a "balanced" board of trustees, the power consumer - the owner-shareholder - is going to have its choice taken away, and be dictated to.

Bill welcomes the opportunity to act as your custodian - the people's representative on the trust board.

A vote for Bill is a vote for a new voice. One that will listen to what you want.