Before we know it, it will be election time again, with the local government elections scheduled for October.

Last local elections, especially the regional council one, were particularly brutal and this round looks like being no different. It could even be worse with some big issues still around.

While amalgamation is dead and buried after a resounding no vote last year, there may still be some residual feelings on both sides, while at a regional council level, the issue of the dam looks likely to be the polarising issue.

There are, and will be more, people who stand for the council on a ticket that is either pro or anti the dam. Such a lot is at stake and a shift in the makeup of the council could have a dramatic effect on decision-making.


A number of people have made their intentions public and every day at the newspaper we hear more names of people who may or may not be interested in standing. It is a democracy after all and the more good candidates we have the better.

July 15 is the day that candidate nominations open and the roll opens for public inspection and people can put their names forward until nominations close at 12pm on August 12.

It will be then up to us to get out and vote.

Whatever happens, this newspaper will keep you informed with in-depth coverage of all of our councils and the people wanting to represent you on them.

We will cover the issues that affect you, do profiles of the candidates and give extensive coverage of the results online and in the paper. If there is something election related that you believe we should be covering, let me know at