It is good that Teina Pora has been awarded $2,520,949.42 compensation and received a Government apology for being wrongfully convicted of rape and murder.

That Mr Pora had to spend 21 years in prison for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett is terrible and no amount of money will get this man his life back. Hopefully it will make him a little more comfortable and allow him to care for his family. The whole case has been a sorry tale of injustice and certainly is not our police or justice system's brightest moment. Justice Minister Amy Adams announced yesterday that the entire Crown case against Mr Pora had been rejected by a retired High Court judge contracted to review the case by the Government.

Rodney Hansen, QC, concluded that convicted serial rapist Malcolm Rewa acted alone and was solely responsible for the crimes. Rewa was convicted of sex attacks on 25 women, including the rape of Ms Burdett. Two juries couldn't agree whether he murdered her and, after the second hung jury, the Solicitor-General stayed a third prosecution. Rewa will be eligible for parole in 2018.

It appears as if the only people in the country who did not know that Rewa was guilty of this heinous crime were some of the jury members, the police and prosecution.


Certainly most people I have spoken to about it over the years never thought Mr Pora did it.

It is so sad Mr Pora's FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) condition was never taken into account when he confessed, but he can be thankful that he had someone like the Bay's own Jonathan Krebs and others from this area on his legal team.

Finally justice has been served - even if it is 21 years too late.