The report that Hawke's Bay Airport is doing so well is fantastic news for the region.

Profit is up and passenger numbers are on the increase.

Well done to chairman of directors Tony Porter who has certainly earned a second term in his job.

I'm sure he has a dedicated team behind him who have helped achieve these great results.


I flew into Napier on Monday and the place was buzzing.

There were two other planes on the tarmac as well as another plane landing just minutes after.

The cafe has improved beyond recognition, with better food and service. However, I think they need some more seating.

Hopefully that will happen when the terminal is redeveloped to cater for the growing number of travellers.

Undoubtedly Jetstar has made a huge difference to Hawke's Bay. Cheaper flights from both Jetstar and Air NZ have resulted in more people taking to the air.

The trouble with travelling, though, is it can become addictive. Flying to new destinations and exploring places unseen is exciting.

Hawke's Bay is becoming more and more "a must see" for both Kiwis and tourists.

That's thanks largely to Tourism Hawke's Bay, which is doing a fantastic job of promoting our region.


The cheaper flights are a bonus for locals as well, of course, with domestic flights so affordable that taking off for a weekend or flying with the family is achievable for many more people.

Long may it last.