Anyone who has read my editorials in the past four years will know that I have been supportive of moves by the Napier City Council in recent years to improve and upgrade Marine Parade.

When I first arrived in the Bay in 2012, I must admit that I was underwhelmed by what appeared to be a barren wasteland on the foreshore of Napier.

It had so much potential but seemed to have been forgotten. Thankfully, the present council began investing in it and we finally have something we can be proud of. And there is still more to come.

That whole area looks so good and even the viewing platform, which has come in for some (I believe unfair) criticism, is a great addition to the waterfront.


Yesterday the council voted to approve an extra $1.3 million of ratepayers' money for the redevelopment and, in particular, stage two of the project.

The councillors resolved to include the additional cost in the 2016/17 annual plan and to have public consultations. The extra $1.3 million would come from an internal loan.

I am sure that the extra finance required, which is necessary because of higher costs, will get through the public consultation process and allow that area to be even further enhanced.

This newspaper takes a hard line on councils spending money on projects that could end up being white elephants or non-starters from the get-go.

It is important that ratepayers' money is spent wisely. Making the city more attractive and user-friendly certainly cannot be faulted.

Marine Parade, with a myriad of activities and interests, will be a place that the entire community can enjoy.