There is no doubt that Jonah Lomu would have not wanted the legacy he left his two young sons to be that he was broke and unable to provide for them.

Jonah was a proud man and also, by all accounts, a good father. He loved his two boys, Dhyreille and Brayley, and wanted the best for them, as do most fathers for their children.

I am sure it would upset him that they have been left in a precarious financial situation.

It is unfortunate that the whole issue has played out so publicly, but I suppose it was always going to be that way given the star Jonah was.


Most people thought Jonah was very wealthy. Unfortunately, that image began to crumble firstly when a Givealittle page was set up for his sons and finally when the New Zealand Players' Association set up the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust, which will help to provide for the boys.

Jonah's widow, Nadene, gave a very brave statement at the weekend, thanking New Zealand for the support, especially those who gave so generously to the trust established for her boys.

It is important to note that Mrs Lomu is not a trustee nor will she benefit from the trust directly.

There have been some people who have questioned why the public should be responsible for raising Jonah's sons, but I reckon they are being cruel.

Sure, maybe Jonah could have managed his money a little better, but even with his illness I am sure he was not expecting it to end so quickly.

Jonah changed the way rugby was played. He was the catalyst for the move to professionalism and he brought enjoyment to millions by his exciting style of footy.

I don't begrudge his boys a cent of the money that will be raised. They deserve it and so does Jonah.

His legacy should always be that he was one of the greatest rugby players ever.