Much has been said of the big job facing the new director of Museum Theatre Gallery (MTG) Hawke's Bay, Laura Vodanovich.

Ms Vodanovich joins MTG from the Tairawhiti Museum in Gisborne with an equally big reputation and it is fair to say that expectations are high. By all accounts she did a good job in her previous roles.

This is heartening, because while the newly appointed MTG deputy director of marketing Rachel Dossor has quietly been doing some great work, it is up to Ms Vodanovich to lead the change.

Her main job will be convincing people that the museum is worth going to and to make it attractive enough for them to keep coming back. So far the signs that she will deliver are positive. She is certainly making the right noises about what she needs to do. In an interview with our reporter Roger Moroney, she said she believed museums should appeal to all demographics, and particularly the young whose first experience of such a place was crucial in keeping them engaged.


She said it was all about engaging the heart as well as the head.

It is especially pleasing that she sees children as a target audience. If the children want to go, the parents will take them.

One of the main criticisms of MTG has been that it was not an attractive place for the younger members of our society and that before long they were running around bored.

Hopefully Ms Vodanovich will find ways to capture young hearts. Let's hope that the next editorial written about MTG will be one full of praise. The signs are good.