Baby Love - Angela Jacobsen's A-Z is full of easy tips and advice for parents and child carers.

The book covers everything from accessories for your baby to ziplock bags. Each entry is brief and to the point.

One of my favourites in under E for entertainment: Dance, sing and be silly, your baby will love it.

So very true.


Baby love is peppered with tips such as: Treat your child with the same respect you command and they will follow suit.

Angela, who lives in Australia, has been a nanny for more than 15 years. She has worked in many different countries including England and Hong Kong.

She says she has had good feedback from readers. "Especially men as it's so simple and straightforward (a lot like men!)," Angela says with a smile.

"I am working on my next book Baby Love which will cover weaning from breast to solids with a week-by-week guide as well as some of my simple recipes. This will be released next month".

Great for busy parents and caregivers to flick through for some advice and tips and read at their leisure when time permits.

Baby Love is available worldwide through