Driver ability questioned

Having watched as NZTA has spent a ridiculous amount on so called "improvements" in access from the airport onto SH2, I was totally bemused today as I saw a supposedly sane and sober (I hope) driver make an absolute mess of coming out of the HB airport on to our supposed "expressway".

The driver concerned was lined up in his Toyota Corolla wagon ready to come out as I drove through on my way from Bay View into Napier.

As I went past, he started to move out and head south behind me.


Did he go in the merge lane from the airport?

No, he came right over behind me and completely circumvented the clearly indicated and safety-posted merge lane, and came in behind me on the through lane, thereby causing traffic, thankfully a reasonable distance back, to slow down behind him.

The other day my wife saw someone travel along the merge lane from north to south as though it was a passing lane.

I wonder at people's ability to drive on a regular basis, but these really take the cake.

As it stands, the only thing done to save incompetent drivers from maiming themselves and others is to stick in fluoro-pink posts and a speed limit of 80km/h. There is only one possible solution that would work (short of having flyovers) and that is to move the airport exit to Watchman Rd and create a roundabout there.

It will have a twofold effect by 1) stopping the chance of people being maimed and killed coming from Meeanee Quay onto the expressway, and 2) will bring airport traffic onto SH2 in a safe manner.

As a health and safety expert, I know that that would be the most cost-effective solution to both idiocy and plain bad driving, yet still allow the traffic to flow.

Why does NZTA still continue to waste taxpayer and road user dollars, by trying cheap and non-effective cures for their reluctance to spend money properly in the first place?


Andrew F G Robertson, Bay View
Gesture appreciated

I had an elderly aunt taken to Hawke's Bay Hospital last week by ambulance and after being admitted was presented with a lovely box of toiletries (including a pen) given freely by the Masonic Lodge.

A wonderful idea and I would like to say thank you to the Masons for the good work you do.

Also thanks to the doctors and nurses for your dedication.

B Dalgleish, Taradale