Spreading winter warmth for a third year in a row has benefited Dannevirke's food banks.

In early September a donation of around $2000 worth of groceries was donated to the food banks operated by the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul.

In 2018 Alan and Eileen Holmes came up with the idea of donating the extra payment to superannuitants that is made from May 1 to the end of September for heating. This amounts to around $800 a couple.

Since then they have sought donations from others in the community who chose to donate all or part of their fuel payment. The donation has grown from $1000 in 2018 to $2000 this year.


The food was supplied by New World Supermarket owners Bruce and Kristy Jenkins who say they are happy to support community projects such as this.

Alan and Eileen were thrilled to see the huge quantity of food supplied at strongly discounted rates. On Friday September 5 this was delivered to the two food banks which were extremely grateful.

Salvation Army Corps Officer Major Afolau Toluono said the food bank was always very grateful for donations.

"Donations are always helpful and enable us to help people in need."

She said the food bank had been very busy during Covid-19 but it had received a lot of help from Tararua District Council and other groups within the community.

"We are also particularly grateful to Alan and Eileen for organising this huge donation."

St Vincent de Paul Foodbank co-ordinator Bill Young said the donation was a tremendous boost for the food bank.

"We've had an increase in our requests for food during the Covid-19 lockdown and distributed 72 parcels during that time. What was noticeable was there were a lot of new requests and the large number of children involved, " Young said.