Think smaller to make the economy bigger, says Green Party candidate for Tukituki Chris Perley.

"If you have a functioning environment and a functioning community, the economy comes," he said.

And he goes much further in this Local Focus video, saying large corporates have had too much sway in New Zealand when "all the research says you should be looking after small/medium enterprises and family farms".

Tukituki MP and National Party candidate Lawrence Yule says his party has the credibility to lead New Zealand out of recession because "we've done it before".


"We have a team, we know what needs to be done - we just need to be given the chance to go and do it," he said.

And Labour candidate Anna Lorck says Labour's plan is benefiting Hawke's Bay, but concerns over debt incurred for the plan are "alarmist". She notes that prior to the 90s, NZ debt was frequently higher than it is now, and currently the country can utilise very low interest rates.

"As a country we are in one of the strongest positions possible," she said.

Also standing in the Tukituki electorate:
• Jan Daffern for ACT
• Chris Grey for the Outdoors Party
• Nick McMinn-Collard for New Conservatives
• Melanie Petrowski for ONE
• Romana Manning for the Legalise Cannabis party

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