Waipukurau Golf Club

Waipukurau Golf Club celebrated being back 'on course' post Covid by playing a medal round, the first round of qualifying for the Club Championships.

Twos were scored on the 17th by Bruce Wells and Denis Hames.

Closest to the pin: LMS Insure hole 9 Raj Selvaraj; hole 11 Nick Radonich; Unichem Pharmacy Hole 17 Denis Hames.


Medal round : 1st Trevor Barnard nett 70; 2nd Steve Wyn-Harris nett 70; 3rd Bruce Wells nett 72; 4th Raj Selvaraj nett 74; 5th Richard Haldane nett 75; 6th Nick Radonich nett 76; 7th Allen Forrest nett 76.

Second round of qualifying for men's club championships and the competition was a medal round.

The jackpot was struck on the 5th by Tim Mackie and Bruce Wells. Twos were scored by Nick Radonich and Trevor Barnard.

Closest to the pin: LMS Insure hole 9 - Nick Radonich; Hole 11 - Jeremy Ballantyne; NuLook CHB hole 12 not struck; Unichem Pharmacy hole 17 - Trevor Barnard.

Competition winners: 1st Tim Mackie nett 65, 2nd Nick Radonich nett 67, 3rd Allen Forrest nett 70, 4th Chris Walker nett 70, 5th Ian Sharp nett 71, 6th David Williams nett 71, 7th David Parry nett 72. Hastings Golf centre Voucher for Most Golf Kevin Pike nett 86.

Waipukurau Golf Club played a medal - nett round on Queen's Birthday weekend.

Twos were scored by: Bruce Wells and Steve Wynn Harris on 15, Richard Haldane on 7.

Approaches: LMS Insure 9th Not struck, 11th David Parry, NuLook CHB 12th Not Struck, Unichem Pharmacy 17th Tom Winlove.


The weekend's competition: 1st Tom Winlove nett 70, 2nd Dave Parry nett 70 on count back, 3rd Richard Haldane nett 72, 4th Rod Cameron nett 72, 5th Lon Anderson nett 73, 6th Colin Slade nett 73, 7th Steve Wynn Harris nett 73.

Hastings Golf Centre Most Golf Lesson Voucher Bryan Leith

Ongaonga Golf Club

Results for May 17:

Twos: C Gauden, P Kroot, P Simpson, H Harrison, H Geary, R Spooner, T Richardson, A Spooner, A Harrison, M Bullard.

Jackpot: Not struck.


Approaches - FMG 2-11 Junior: M Meredith; Leopard Hotel 2-11 Senior: T Richardson; Hastings Golf Centre 6-15 All: P Kroot; Farmlands 7-16 Junior: R Harris; Craig Sergeant Fencing 9-18 Senior: B Harris

Competition – nett: 1 M Meredith 67, 2 P Beachen 67, 3 D Holden 68, 4 C Preston 68, 5 R Harris 70, 6 A Harrison 70, 7 C Baty 71, 8 B Harris 71, 9 A Spooner 71, 10 C Gauden 73,
11 Nick Riddell 73, 12 H McLean 73.

Junior Ball Winner: M Meredith 89-22-67

Senior Ball Winner: P Beachen 69-2-67; runner-up: A Harrison 70-4-70

Angus Harrison best gross: P Beachen 69

Results for May 24:


Twos: P Beachen

Jackpot: Not struck

Approaches - FMG 2-11 Junior: C Preston; Leopard Hotel 2-11 Senior: P Beachen; Hastings Golf Centre 6-15 All: K Friis; Farmlands 7-16 Junior: H Nash; Craig Sergeant Fencing 9-18 Senior: B Harris; Angus Harrison Best Gross: P Beachen 71

Competition – stableford: 1 C Richardson 41, 2 H Nash 39, 3 M Bullard 39, 4 G Beachen 39, 5 P Kroot 38, 6 P Johnson 37, 7 P Beachen 37, 8 D Cheer 37, 9 S Hepburn 36, 10 K Friis 36.

Junior Ball winner: H Nash 92-23-69; runner-up: K Friis 88-17-71.

Senior Ball winner: C Richardson 76-10-66; runner-up: G Beachen 78-10-68.


Angus Harrison Best Gross: P Beachen