Sometimes, inspiration is in the least expected places.

Driving through Ahuriri, in Napier, a sign jumped out at me.

WIT - Whatever it takes.

I got out and took a photo.


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"Whatever it takes" is a relevant phrase right now. We are going into lockdown for four weeks as we attempt to hold Covid-19 at bay.

There are many things in New Zealand's favour, right now. We are, on the global scale of things, a small island nation. Sometimes, that works for us - implementing technology for example.

We were one of the first countries in the world to introduce eftpos. We did it relatively quickly and efficiently - small country, small network, small problem, really, when it came to introducing the technology.

Small island nations can be great for bringing things in. And great for keeping things out. Like Covid-19.

Except we know we were unable to keep it out entirely. But now we have a chance to let it burn out and fade away.

That's the ultimate goal, we won't know how successful we have been until in a few weeks' time.

And even then, we won't be 100 per cent sure. But we have to be encouraged, that it is not yet ravaging our communities.


Hope. That's what we need to share. Hope.

And we also need to hope that collectively, finally, as a nation we have our head in the game, and not in the long white clouds.

It has been apparent that not everyone has grasped the "prevention" approach.

As in, be proactive rather then reactive - act now. Do whatever it takes.

NZME, in bringing you Hawke's Bay Today, is doing whatever it takes to keep providing a vital information service, in these times.

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As for the WIT sign, I'm pretty sure I've driven past this sign and never noticed it. This week, it leapt out at me.

WIT is an organisation that helps people with their mental health.

As a nation right now, we are all anxious. But we should also have hope.

Hope and the desire to do whatever it takes. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website