Flaxmere residents have organised a "peace project" to raise funds Starship Hospital to thanks them for looking after the 4-year-old Flaxmere boy who was badly beaten.

"We want to show the positive side of Flaxmere after everything that has happened," Colleen Lowe, one of the organisers, said.

The initiative will see the sale of 100 peace lilies, chosen for their name, funded by two Flaxmere businesses.

People can buy the peace lilies for $25 at We Sow You Grow nursery on 106 Flaxmere Ave and Flaxmere New World on Monday from 9am.

Art included with the plant by Flaxmere children. Photo / Supplied
Art included with the plant by Flaxmere children. Photo / Supplied

One hundred per cent of the proceeds will be donated to Starship Hospital where the 4-year-old Flaxmere boy is currently being cared for.

One plant will also be sent to Starship Hospital.

The project was started by locals Colleen Lowe, Lesley Riley, Brent Harris from We Sow You Grow, Chris Hart from Flaxmere New World, and Lynsey and Haira Abbott from One Voice Community Services.

"We want to show our thanks to Starship and everyone on the front line dealing with the situation including police," Lowe said.

"It's about giving back to Starship and bringing some positive light after what has happened," Lynsey Abbott said.

The peace lilies come with a stake showing a drawing made by local pre-schoolers in Flaxmere and the stands also display art from older children in after-school care.