Totara College has chosen its three Student Leaders this year.

Jordan Frankcom, Year 13, is the main Student Leader but has two deputies in Logan Strydom, Year 12, and Caleb Sutton, Year 12.

Principal Jonathan Max says judging by the calibre of the leaders the students are in good hands for 2020.

"Jordan is quiet by nature but strong in her convictions, displaying her wisdom by words and actions," he said.


Jordan travelled to the World Vision leadership conference last year and felt this was great preparation for her stint as Student Leader this year.

She isn't yet clear what career path she will follow but would quite like to attend Victoria University in Wellington.

Logan Strydom is the Totara College Board Representative this year, having taken over from Malachi Dean during last year's board elections.

"Logan is a caring, vivacious young lady who loves music and has a beautiful singing voice," Max said.

In the future Logan would like to study psychology with the aim to involve herself in criminal justice.

"Caleb Sutton is an intelligent young man with a wide knowledge on most subjects," Max said.

Last year he attended Dannevirke's Cactus course run by Senior Constable Wayne Churchouse and has become a graduate instructor (GI) this year, helping run the course with others.

Caleb is a self-professed computer nerd and would love to attend the University of Otago majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. This is the field behind the "Smart Products and Systems" that increasingly dominate many aspects of our lives.


"Jordan, Caleb, and Logan's leadership strengths complement each other and they will make a great team to lead the students through this coming year of 2020," said Max.