Most days in Hawke's Bay are set to top 30 degrees Celsius this week as a high turns up the temperature dial for the start of the school year.

It is set to be 31C in Hastings from Monday to Thursday. Friday will be 30C. Saturday will be positively glacial by comparison at just 26C.

Napier will be 30C from Tuesday to Thursday with Monday and Friday one-degree cooler at 29C.

Saturday will get down to 27C.


A MetService spokesman said the temperatures were around 4C higher than the monthly average, but it was not unusual to have extended periods of warm weather at the end of January.

It won't always be sunny this week. Isolated showers will occur across the region throughout the week particularly on Wednesday.

Temperatures will remain warm overnight, getting down to 20C at the lowest, the MetService representative said.

It follows a slightly cooler week of low to late 20-degree temperatures throughout the Bay last week.

Temperatures were warm, but not baking over the weekend, with Hastings reaching upper 20s highs on Saturday and Sunday, and Napier reaching mid 20s highs.