A decision on demolition of the derelict Napier city council building has been deferred for a fortnight so that new councillors can be better informed.

The deferral came at a meeting on Thursday as the council was considering a recommendation that the building vacated more than two years ago as an earthquake risk be demolished next year.

New mayor Kirsten Wise had supported a staff recommendation based on reports leading to the vacation of both the Civic Building and adjoining but new Public Library building.

The council has five recently-elected members who had not been involved at the time of previous decisions which included a decision that the Civic Building could be of no further use to the council.


The council was told that while negotiations had taken place with developers interested in a hotel development on the site, there appeared to be no interest in proceeding while the condemned building was still in place, whether as a purchase or as a lease.

Napier consulting engineer Graeme Robinson was invited to the meeting and fourth-term councillor Maxine Boag highlighted his advice that any decision should be based on "solid ground" and be properly informed.

The next council meeting will be on December 19.