A teenage cyclist has been left with multiple bruises and a fractured tail bone after an alleged hit and run just outside Clive.

The incident occurred along State Highway 51, before the wool scourers heading to Clive from Hastings, early on Monday morning.

The 17-year-old's mother Karen Douglas said her son was biking to his work, where he is a building apprentice, when he was knocked off his bike.

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"It was clearly a hit and run because the wing mirror snapped right off the car and that literally pushed him off the road and into the creek that runs along it," she said.

"The driver left the wing mirror behind so we know it is some sort of black car but we don't know much of the details."

She said she was upset the person didn't care to stop and help her son out.

"If they stop and checked how he was that would be fine because accidents happen but the fact they just drove off and basically left him in the ditch is just heartless."

She said they had gone to police about the matter on Monday afternoon. They were investigating.