Police working on gang issues which erupted after an assault in a Napier park on Sunday will maintain a daily presence at the park and an armed presence on streets so long as is needed to prevent any further trouble.

The steps remained in place today with still no arrests relating to the incidents which quickly escalated from a mid-afternoon bashing in Anderson Park, Greenmeadows, to the mid-evening firing of a shot outside the Napier City Medical centre, at least 2km away near the Napier CBD.

Police have confirmed the "general arming directive" was put in place at 9pm on Sunday, less than an hour after the shot was fired hitting a wall of the medical centre in Wellesley Rd. It is being reviewed daily.

Since then, a police base has been in place at the carpark on the Kennedy Rd side of Anderson Park, showing a presence from as early as 8.30am each day.


Despite the sunny conditions almost no one was at the skate bowl about 5.30pm on Thursday where there have been several incidents over the past few months.

A police spokesperson said: "Our main concern above all else is the safety of the public. Police have increased patrols throughout the area and we are working with the community to de-escalate current tensions."

Several searches had been carried out under warrant, and police have been working to identify those involved, including video of part of the events.

Investigation head Detective Inspector Mike Foster said police also have ongoing consultation with gang hierarchy, but were not getting co-operation from those involved in the incidents, which included a person reported to have been struck by a vehicle in a Maraenui street and another man receiving a stab wound.