It's the third year running for The Ultimate Week, a promotion overseen by the Havelock North Business Association.

This year's organisers, Dale Cooley and Alice McKinley, from Kin changed it up slightly to provide an all expenses paid girls' trip worth $20,000 for the four winners from Auckland.

"Reviving this campaign to be a girls' trip seemed natural to us, given Havelock North has everything a girl could ever want. Not only does Havelock have 24 fashion stores and independent bookstores, it's impossible to get a bad coffee, food or wine!" said Cooley.
The winners of the Ultimate Week were four best friends from Auckland — Vicky Holder, Chrissie Dysart, Diana Jenkin and Kathy Sandiford.

"We've been incredibly spoilt with the thought and effort that has gone into each and every experience," Jenkins said.


"Simple things like on Monday we picked up our e-bikes from Revolution Bikes to visit the talented and passionate people at Arataki and Te Mata Estate Winery and then a degustation at Craggy Range. We've been blown away by their generosity. They've all given us the very best of everything!" said Dysart.

"With Auckland only being a one hour flight away and with the highest rate of weekend travellers, it was the natural choice for us to target," McKinley said. "Given the city's strong event schedule meant that we could advertise at The Food Show, The Baby Show and Fashion Week alongside our targeted social media campaign to make Havelock North top of mind for every Aucklander's next weekend trip."

Following the gastro outbreak in 2016, the Government allocated a $100,000 promotional fund to the Hastings District Council, which was to be distributed over the course of a few years.

"It's been of paramount importance to the Hastings District Council and HNBA that every dollar invested in this campaign goes towards continuing a positive image for Havelock North."

A total of 40 Havelock North businesses generously came together to help sponsor $20,000 worth of experiences, which provided the best of Havelock North, often providing something outside of their usual offerings to ensure the winners had the best experience possible.

Organisers McKinley and Cooley worked with local businesses to bring creative experiences to life.

"Given Havelock North is such a tight knit and talented community, we've been able to offer them some truly unique and beautiful experiences through collaborations," McKinley said.

Experiences included a cocktail making class with Piku, 'one on one' tours at Te Mata Estate, Hawthorne and Giant Breweries, a lampshade making course with Little + Fox and pampering sessions at Milton Andrews and VIVO.


"A highlight for me was how beautifully a bespoke picnic up Te Mata Peak came together.
"Designed by Flock Events, the ladies had a picnic with local food and beverages gathered at the Farmers Market. David Mackersey then kindly escorted the winners up the peak in one of his cherished classic cars," Holder said.

To start planning your own Ultimate Havelock North experience, visit or Facebook page @lovehavelocknorth for more information.