The 20th Dannevirke Settlers' Cemetery walk will be held on Sunday November 3 when more new headstones will be unveiled.

At the last cemetery walk on September 29 the completely restored grave of John Edmund A'Bear was revealed and his family's story was told.

Settlers' Cemetery walks co-ordinator Sharyn Burling said Michael Grey of Wellington has been working on the restoration of the graves of his Smith family close by.

"It was exciting, on September 29 to see the delight of the families who were the first to utilise the new concrete blocks and granite plaques which are now available to be used where original headstones have succumbed to time, weather and vandalism.


In 2007 the Friends of the Settlers' Cemetery group was inaugurated.

The team included the late Phillipa Nilson, Pat Mills, Yvonne Thorburn and Alan and Mary Mason, under the umbrella of the Historic Places Trust.

"The purpose of cleaning the headstones to make the resting place of Dannevirke pioneers a more cared for cemetery," Burling said.

"Its second purpose was to research the records so that the plots could be made available to the public."

A notice board was erected and over time 19 cemetery walks have been held to acknowledge those interred in the first 40 years of the town's existence.

In 2017 the council removed the huge hedge of trees and a new fence was installed.

"This project was not without its problems when several graves were severely damaged," Burling said.

Along with the unveiling on November 3 the long-established and highly-visible graves of the families of Robertshawe and Knight will be addressed by a family member.


Young Alva Walter Sowry, two further members of the Pawson family, youngster Elvira Merle Foote and the relatives of a prominent photographer Mr Billows will be part of the walk.

Everyone is welcome to join in walk at the Settlers' Cemetery, Dagmar St, Dannevirke followed by afternoon tea.