Don't you just hate this time of year.

The days are longer, it's getting warmer, and you realise your body and your house have been hibernating all winter and there's quite a bit of maintenance to attend to.

Now I have always classed myself as low maintenance, others might say lazy. But for some reason this year I'm really feeling the pressure to put my best body and best home forward.


It's time to get the razor and the weed whacker out at the same time!

I wore open-toe shoes for the first time this season the other day, and I realised my toenail polish like the paint on my house definitely needs another coat.

I had to re-stain my legs with fake tan, and re-stain the deck at the same time.

I've got the shade sail out of the garage and spent a small fortune on sunscreen. I'm getting the house sprayed for those pesky Hawke's Bay flies, and bought stuff for my feet. I'm firing up the barbie and heating up the wax. There's edges being trimmed all over the show, and that reminds me, new togs to buy.

Of course, this all requires time and money of which I don't have much of at this time of year. Why is it that from now until Christmas we need about three diaries on the go to keep track of where we're meant to be, and we seem to just haemorrhage money with all of the bills coming at once?

Speaking of which, here's something to get excited about. Keep an eye on your letterbox because we are due very soon to get a letter from Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust with great news about our $225 rebate and even better news that we can register to get it deposited it straight into our bank account or a bank account of our choice.

I'll get mine put straight into Megan's High Maintenance Bank Account with the ref: giveup.