For The Hits host and body extraordinaire Adam Green it was just another day at the office.

Except it was at a supermarket a week back ... and he was in his underpants.

All part of the build-up to what became big news (bigger than his abs) on the weekend when it was announced he had been declared the Woman's Day Bonds X-Temp Hottest Media Hunk.

"It's a bit of fun," he said, adding that what made it extra special was that he was the sole competitor among the 10 media hunks taking part to come from one of the regions.


Basically, he beat the big-city boys.

"So that's kinda special — pretty awesome," he said with a smile.

"Enough people voted for me to get us over the line."

As well as appearances at events throughout the region, gathering support, there were the daily gym sessions and general bodily care and at the end of the day, and when the votes were tallied, Adam and Hawke's Bay came out on top.

It was part of a big winning double last week, with The Hits being announced as the top-rating breakfast music show in the region.

"Great all round," his "campaign manager" and co-host Megan Banks said, adding with a smile that she would be having a cheery chat with acting mayor Faye White about a street parade ... or maybe a statutory holiday.

Three years ago Adam picked up third place in the hunt for the beefiest beefcake and now he's grabbed the title along with a spread in Woman's Day and some Bonds products.

"Enough undies to last me a few years."


Now he's taken the title he won't be able to stand for it again, but it's his for 363 more days.

"Oh and we'll be hearing all about it for 363 days," Megan said with a laugh.

Listeners and callers had made it clear they were delighted "their" lad had taken the top media hunk title.