A Hawke's Bay infant who contracted measles and was in quarantine for two weeks, has recovered from the viral illness.

On August 9, Hawke's Bay Today revealed Eastyn Craig was the third confirmed case of the illness in Hawke's Bay.

Eastyn, who is about to turn 1, was too young to be immunised. Parents with children too young to be immunised are now being advised to avoid travel to Auckland.

There have been no further cases of measles in Hawke's Bay since Eastyn's diagnosis.


Flaxmere resident Adriana Temu said while Eastyn had recovered from measles, it had been a winter from hell.

He had contracted bronchiolitis since coming out of quarantine on August 22, she said.

"It's contagious and much like measles, but without the rash.

"I took him to the doctor because he was breathing too fast, the doctor said it looked like viral flu.

"Next day I went to the doctor again because he was coughing so hard he was nearly choking. On Tuesday he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis."

Temu was told to keep Eastyn's fluids up and use pamol and Vicks to speed up recovery.

She hopes he recovers in time for his first birthday, on September 6.

Bronchiolitis can start as a cold, with a runny nose.


Babies with bronchiolitis may have a fever, start to cough, breathe fast, put a lot of extra, effort into breathing, have noisy breathing (wheeze).

The second or third day of the chesty part of the illness is usually the worst.

Bronchiolitis can last for several days. The cough often lasts for 10 to 14 days but it may last as long as a month.