EIT is becoming the second education provider in the country to offer a bachelor's degree in veterinary nursing.

The degree, which is still subject to approval and accreditation, will be added in addition to a current level 5 certificate and level 6 diploma offered by EIT.

Head of School of the Centre for Veterinary Nursing, Gwenda Kevern said it was an exciting opportunity of Hawke's Bay and the wider community.

"From next year students with the level 6 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing will have the opportunity to enrol in the final year of the Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing [and] therefore upgrade their qualification to a degree in one year of full-time study."


Students will be able to complete their study either part-time or full-time, and the final year will use a blended learning model, meaning parts of the course will be completed online, as well as block courses.

Teaching subjects range from advanced medical nursing, anaesthesia and surgery, applied animal welfare, behaviour and training to wildlife, conservation, emergency care and animal rehabilitation.

As well as the opportunity to work in veterinary clinics alongside veterinarians, career opportunities following the degree include veterinary nurse educators, animal care educators, roles within the Department of Conservation or the Ministry for Primary Industries, commercial and medical representatives, specialist clinic roles or animal care researchers.

Currently the only other education provider to offer a bachelor's degree in veterinary nursing is Unitec.

The course is expected to be approved and receive accreditation by October at the latest.