A car exiting Douglas McLean Ave into Kennedy Rd at the Marewa shops late on Tuesday morning almost entered an office building after a minor shunt from behind.

Police at the scene said the incident happened about 11.50am after the driver of the black station wagon which was nudged from behind lost control.

The car veered off the road and across the footpath, slamming into the glass frontage of Marewa House which houses offices upstairs.

The driver was uninjured although it was understood a young woman in the rear seat was taken to Hawke's Bay Hospital after appearing to have slight concussion.


The driver of the following vehicle stopped further along the road.

Police said no charges had been laid at this stage.

"We are looking into it."

The impact left the glass doorway on one side shattered and panelling bent.

One nearby pedestrian said he heard a bang but said it looked like the occupants of both cars were okay.

"Lucky no one was walking past at the time though," he said.