Let's hope that speculation Jetstar might pull out of regional airports like Napier is just turbulence around what can be a bumpy air service sector.

Because Air New Zealand needs competition.

Running an airline service is fraught with potential hiccups that can sway a potential passenger's opinion quickly.

Personally, I have had recent experiences with both that were annoying.


A few Sundays ago, I had to travel north at short notice. I purchased a Jetstar flight and a few hours later it was cancelled.

Unlike my recent experience with Air New Zealand, the refund occurred quickly - within 24 hours. And I have rebooked a flight on Jetstar that hopefully, does not get cancelled.

Because if it does, I will be paying through the nose for a short notice replacement flight with Air NZ.

Air NZ's complaint process can result in an automated reply stating "good luck getting a refund in the next 30 days".

(Not the specific wording but you get the picture).

They must get a lot of complaints.

But then, they provide a lot of flights so perhaps the volume of complaints and flights is understandable.

Napier MP Stuart Nash isn't the only person moved to drop an f-bomb by Air NZ though.


It doesn't make Nash's recent outburst right, but man, for an organisation adept at taking your money off you, they can take their time giving it back.

Especially if they are required to make a subjective decision.

I received my refund, by the way. One of them.

I had also asked for a refund for two Air NZ flights after asking for assistance for our special needs daughter and it was not provided. Twice, on different flights.

I did get offered a gift basket for her though. I said "no". I had paid for her flights.
If there was a gift basket going anywhere, it was my place.

We need Jetstar - Air New Zealand needs Jetstar. Because without them an airline that is consistently voted as being one of the world's best internationally, could become one of the most hated domestically.

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State-owned monopolies that aren't run efficiently for the true benefit of consumers breed contempt like rabbits in a spring paddock.

We aren't quite there yet, but losing Jetstar could open the door.