I said something out loud the other day.

Well, I said a lot of things out loud, it's a part of the job when you are on the radio, but I said one particular thing that has me questioning whether my brain has a direct connection to my mouth or not.

I said I'd do 10,000 steps a day in September. That's probably about 8000 more than I am currently doing.

It's for a great cause, and I know there are a few doing walking in September as a fundraiser. Red Cross Journey is the one for me. So that's the good bit. Charity. A great cause.


I keep telling myself that's because if I don't the extra steps seem somewhat daunting. What if I could do some alternatives?

I have a few suggestions. Siptember. Ten thousand sips a week. We live in a premier wine growing region of New Zealand, what better way to showcase that than with a minimum 10,000 sips a week.

Maybe interspersed with a trip to some local watering holes perhaps paired with some nice snacks?

Snacktember? Okay Ten Thousand snacks a week might be unattainable. I can't imagine thousands of blocks of chocolate or crackers with cheese, but what about salted peanuts or burger rings?

Could I make it? I'd be willing to try

Saustember. Sausages. Gourmet, dried, bier sticks, lunch, dinner. So many ways to eat them, so many options.

Slidetember. On second thought, not as fun as it sounds because it either involves me climbing to the top of countless slides or taking the kids to many, many parks. Which in theory sounds fun, but parents, you know right?

Sweetember. I'm partial to a sour feijoa lolly or two when pushed. Maybe some Skittles, and a cheeky Toblerone, or 1000.


Sedentraytember. Just doing as little as possible for the entire month. Maybe my favourite, perhaps only bettered by...

Sleeptember. Yes, a month-long sleepathon, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, maths is not my strong point but I bet it's a lot of sleep. I could possibly be a regional champion in this particular challenge.

But upon further review, it seems the grand sum of my challenges that would be good for me is exactly zero, so I guess it's time to break out the running shoes, get the pedometer charged up, and get my step on! Good luck to everyone stepping into spring!

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