A Napier City Council candidate says there is a disconnect between the residents and the council.

Api Tapine, who is one of the current Nelson Park Ward councillors, is running for re-election and says he wants to be part of a council which values the input from its residents.

"We need to improve our consultation processes especially after two legal challenges which were a reflection of a disconnect between us and the community."

"Where we prioritise our spending should mirror our community's priorities."


"This means listening to our residents and enabling more democratic bottom-up decision-making."

He said council cannot "remain blind" to the community's concerns about water chlorination.

"Council has made water quality our number one priority, as expressed in this saying 'ko te wai te ora ngā mea kātoa – water is the life giver of all things'."

"The cloudy water and water bodies within our city are out of alignment with this whakatauāki."

He said he is also concerned about the number of people struggling with housing at the moment.

"Having scores of families living in motels affects the education and health of parents and children."

"With an ageing population, we have more and more elderly people who are living solely on their pensions, who don't own their own houses and can't afford market rentals."

He favours Council retaining their pensioner flats, giving elderly residents some security and subsidised rentals.


He said it was also important to collaborate with other councils and Iwi in Hawke's Bay, especially now the amalgamation debate is over.

"We have much to share and learn from each other."

He said if he was to be re-elected, he is looking forward to working with a bigger team on behalf of Nelson Park, with four rather than two ward councillors being elected this year.

"We have a vibrant diverse city full of people of multiple talents many of whom want to connect with council and strengthen what we do."

"I love this city, its people, and the job of being a councillor so am keen to carry on if that's what the people want."