Steve and Clelia Bicknell's Adoro Ahuriri cafe scooped the People's Choice
Establishment of the Year category at the recent Hawke's Bay Hospitality Awards, Hospo rookie Steve chats to Mark Story.

To you, what strengths saw you earn People's Choice?
I believe our ability to connect and forge relationships with our customers went a long way towards winning the award.

Your Ahuriri cafe is somewhat out on its own. What benefits and challenges does this pose?
We are a little hidden, however, the benefits of being in the Tech Collective Building reveal themselves once people come in. Plenty of space, light and the building has a great story itself.

What's the most commonly ordered coffee?
The flat white is still king however, our tastes are changing with the long black and Americano really growing in popularity. Kiwis are also embracing the vast array of milk varieties now available.


Give us your brief hospo bio.
I have been learning about and being inspired by others in hospitality for around four years prior to building Adoro Ahuriri which is my first venture in hospo. We will ring up two years of trading at the end of this month.

If you had to give one gem of advice for those thinking of starting their own cafe, what would it be?
If anyone is thinking of taking "the plunge" then they must already have a passion for delivering top notch coffee, food and service. That being said my advice then is to seek out a knowledgeable mentor, have plenty of working capital and plenty of energy! Did I mention plenty or working capital?