When I was young I tripped over my skipping rope and did a full frontal face plant on the concrete.

This was back in the day when you were allowed to skip rope and what's more you were allowed to do it on concrete.

I looked horrific for a while after and in fact my Standard 2 school photo has been mysteriously "lost" as it was grim watching. I had cuts, bruises, and a couple of stitches.

Miraculously though somehow my teeth stayed intact, although the dentist warned they might discolour.


The dentist, as they quite often are, was right. They did indeed discolour slowly over the years and I was always so embarrassed by my grey teeth as they were my front teeth.

I've got lots of photos of me in my early adulthood with a hand placed purposely across my mouth, or blowing a kiss, in fact anything that didn't involve seeing my teeth.

Remember there were no filters or Photoshop editing programmes around in those days so you had to be creative. For a while there the only photo I would show anyone was my passport photo because you weren't allowed to smile! A dream come true for me.

Then my sister announced she was engaged. Much joy and happiness. Then I got the call up to be bridesmaid which meant just one thing, there would be professional photographs taken to document this magical day that would be around forever!

I couldn't very well scowl my way through my sister's wedding day, so I finally took the plunge and made a dentist's appointment to fix my dead teeth killed by the skipping rope.

I now have three veneers and a legacy of debt but at least I can smile, and smile I did. I smiled so hard I almost cracked the lens on my sister's wedding day, I was so proud of my new teeth.

So if you're sick to the back teeth of the state of your smile, make sure you listen out each morning to The Hits 89.5fm because the amazing team at Dental on Raffles are giving one lucky listener a Hollywood smile to the value of $2000!!

I'm so excited about it because I know how much it will mean to someone. It really is life changing.


Now to obsess over something else on my body…where do I start, Botox, liposuction, IPL, a boob job…the list goes on! - Megan Banks.

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