Flaxmere resident Adriana Temu is "over the moon" watching her 11-month-old son Eastyn Craig smiling, eating and laughing after the infant contracted measles.

On Friday, Hawke's Bay Today revealed Eastyn was the third confirmed case of the viral illness in Hawke's Bay.

Eastyn, who is too young to be immunised, tested positive for measles on August 8 and following the confirmation, Temu and Eastyn have been in isolation and will remain in isolation until August 23.

"He's got a bit of scarring and there's some skin peeling off but he's eating, smiling, laughing around, he's pretty much back to his old self."


He was checked by a health nurse on August 9 because he was having trouble breathing, she said.

11 month-old Eastyn Craig contracted measles because he was too young to be vaccinated. Photo/ Supplied.
11 month-old Eastyn Craig contracted measles because he was too young to be vaccinated. Photo/ Supplied.

"The health nurse came around and checked him and said he could have complications, infection in the chest. So she gave him some antibiotics and it has pretty much cleared up now.

"Even though he is better he still has to stay in isolation with me."

House-bound Temu and Eastyn have been finding interesting ways to fend off boredom.

"I've been watching a lot of Netflix and I've been sending my partner out to get junk food."

Temu is also making sure the viral illness is contained and doesn't spread to her immediate or extended family.

"I have four kids including Eastyn and they all, and my partner got blood tests to make sure they did not have measles.

"My extended family, who have been in contact with Eastyn, all had their blood test on August 8. We are waiting for the tests to come back and get the all clear.


"They will remain in isolation until August 17. If the test, which should come back this week, is clear then they don't have to be in isolation until August 17."

Temu has been inundated with messages of love since the article ran in Hawke's Bay Today on August 9.

"Thanks to everyone who sent us their love and caring messages. Eastyn is a lot better now, and I am over the moon."

What are the symptoms of measles?

The first early symptoms of measles are fever, runny nose, sore red eyes and cough.

After three to five days a red, blotchy rash appears on the face and head and then spreads down the body.

What to do if you suspect you, or a family member has measles?

If you believe you or a family member may have measles, please stay at home and phone your doctor to alert them of your symptoms and allow them to make arrangements to assess you safely and without infecting other people.

You can also call Healthline for free advice on 0800 611 116.