Hawke's Bay Regional Councillor Paul Bailey has announced his intention to stand again in the Napier Ward.

The first term councillor said the council had made three major decisions over the past term, the first being appointing James Palmer as CEO.

"James sets the tone for the rest of the organisation and his leadership has lead to a lift in public confidence in the organisation.

"I'm extremely pleased that we have someone of James' calibre giving us advice without fear or favour."


He said the most difficult decision was the partial sale of Napier Port, which Bailey voted against.

Despite being against the IPO, he said he had worked constructively with his colleagues to ensure the best outcome for ratepayers.

He said a significant change in focus was another thing the most recent council had achieved.

"It's easy to forget that last term council was so focused on the dam that nowhere enough work was being done on what is council's core business – maintaining and enhancing the environment. That's been completely turned around."

He said he felt there were four major issues for Hawke's Bay Regional Council to focus on, regional water security, climate change, limits to growth, and improving public consultation and transparency.

"These are big issues we all need to get our heads around and it's council's role to lead these conversations."